"Nation-Neutral" .com

A major benefit of .com comes from "nation-neutral" positioning when compared to ccTLD such as .de or .jp or .se etc.

Some Korean people (for example) may feel anger or resistance with a Japan .jp address, but with no dislike for .com

Using .com for product sales can avoid local rivalries such as SE/FI or CN/JP or UK/FR etc. We might see Chinese characters from CN or HK or TW or JP or elsewhere which elicit different feelings depending on the suffix TLD. The .com also provides a more solid base for franchising.

IDN ("International Domain Names") use non-ASCII characters. It's crazily ethnocentric to claim all languages & character-sets except ASCII English are "international" - but that's for another post.

Many IDN can be recognized or read in nearby jurisdictions or amidst global diaspora. Some French or Italian words, IDN, have become standard English vocabulary thanks to global food trends (for example) or migration of culture. Family names need not be mangled.
ॐ.com  (Hindu letter / symbol OM)

Primitive internet required local texts be bastardized to ASCII addresses, but this is no longer true. In many cases the IDN.com makes good sense and may become highly valuable.