Costly NOT to BUY?

I own the domain name

We began Glowup in 1995 offering people assistance with their personal strategies. We charge fees as tutor / consultants. In 2003 we expanded to internet and online assistance. offers worldwide services:
  •       Life Strategies
  •       Achievement Tutoring
  •       Legacy & Estate planning services
We're a small business.
With an expanding range of requests to buy the domain name, we decided we'd sell and rebrand if the price were right. So we now announce at the bottom of our main webpage:

We're repeatedly asked to sell domain
Many firms trade on the GLOWUP name (count)
US$70,000 could buy on 2020-01-15
(if direct purchase; price open to change)
Financing available

Many firms trade in the same space, though in assorted industries and in various parts of the world.

If a major player buys the popular name, these many other Glowup firms have reason for concern. Heavy global marketing of Glowup as a new consumer good or service will surely interfere with their business. Sorry!

It is Costly NOT to BUY.

Kissing English Rump

The people of Asia have many reasons to be proud of their learning & civilization.

Chinese society especially has a long and glorious history. Japan and Korea are also great.

At the dawn of the world wide web, internet addresses were designed to use only English characters: abcd, numbers, dash - and period .

Many organizations worldwide built websites using anglicization of their names. Swedish organizations dropped ä ö å characters, France ignored the é while Denmark substituted for Ø.

But for many years now, it's been possible to use non-English characters, IDN International Domain Names.

It is also very easy to add such domain names as an alternative door to any website.

Why do Asian firms often continue using only abcde domains? The colonial mentality remains. Let's instead Be Proud of local languages.

Give the English speakers a backdoor to your website (maybe). But proudly use your local language. Build more on the many great Chinese, Japanese, Korean & other global language domains, and surely get .com for global access.

NO more kiss the English arse!

Fantastic domains include: