Epik Payment Plans BOOST Domain Sales

I'm excited about the growth & ideas at Epik. How is it possible that payment plans (Lease-to-Buy / Rental Plans) have not been easily available everywhere? Payment plan mechanics involve software, payment systems, legal templates, etc., but the pioneering work done by Rob Monster and team is extraordinary.

With lease-to-buy, smaller businesses can gain access to high-value domains!

Surely it becomes easier to monetize / sell domains. Epik has opened a new & hugely exciting era of opportunity for small-scale domainers and IP brokers.

Here's an example of the interface to set payment plan.
Example is couq.com being sold BIN (Buy-it-Now) for US$20,000.
Or $800 each month for 25 months.
Minus Epik commission (paid by seller) at 9%