Understand Your Exposure w/ Domain Services

I extensively use assorted major domain services such as Escrow.com, Afternic, Uniregistry, and Sedo. They provide important sales services, often without up-front costs. You typically need pay them only when your product is sold. Their costs are not unreasonable, and their published services are dependable. I am happy with them generally.

There are a few problems however.

Some of these services deliberately keep buyer & seller apart, and maintain a measure of secrecy.

They promote fixed prices, Buy-it-Now (BIN), which can be difficult or impossible to edit quickly.

A possible big problem is that they have insider access to your unpublished data & information as well as that of others throughout the industry. And their employees (or the services themselves) can take advantage of their insider market position. Might they directly buy your under-priced domain?

This is most perverse when one or more newly-made big sales leaves your domain or portfolio suddenly under-priced. Others can act before you hear anything.

These markets are largely unregulated -- Watch out for yourself!

Single-character .com EMOJI = 29

Four single-character .com emoji dropped in January 2019, and after dropping they cannot be renewed. This is due to ICANN and IDNA2008, which "prohibits graphic symbols and similar devices that have code points but are not used as basic elements of any writing system."

Lost were:

xn--m3h.com ☂.com umbrella emoji
xn--tci.com ✡.com Star of David emoji
xn--n4h.com ☦.com Orthodox Cross emoji
xn--e6h.com ♣.com Black Club Suit emoji

That leaves only 29 single-character .com emoji domains in the wild. They are grandfathered, and can be re-registered and transferred, but if they drop they follow their four cousins into oblivion. Those that are for sale seem very reasonably-priced considering their rarity and wide visual appeal beyond written language.

xn--13h.com ☑.com Ballot box with check
xn--26h.com ♻.com Black recycling symbol
xn--3bi.com ✈.com Airplane
xn--74h.com ☺.com White smiling face
xn--7bi.com ✌.com Victory hand
xn--b6g.com ↗.com Northeast arrow
xn--b6h.com ♠.com Black spade suit
xn--dih.com ⌚.com Watch
xn--e5h.com ♀.com Female sign
xn--g1h.com ▶.com Black right-pointing arrow
xn--g3h.com ◼.com Black medium square
xn--g5h.com ♂.com Male sign
xn--g6h.com ♥.com Black heart suit
xn--gci.com ✔.com Heavy check mark
xn--h6h.com ♦.com Black diamond suit
xn--ici.com ✖.com Heavy Multiplication X
xn--j6h.com ♨.com Hot springs
xn--l3h.com ☁.com Cloud
xn--n3h.com ☃.com Snowman
xn--p5h.com ♋.com Cancer
xn--q5h.com ♌.com Leo
xn--r4h.com ☪.com Star and crescent
xn--r5h.com ♍.com Virgo
xn--rih.com ⌨.com Keyboard
xn--tdi.com ❄.com Snowflake
xn--v4h.com ☮.com Peace symbol
xn--w4h.com ☯.com Yin Yang
xn--xbi.com ✂.com Black scissors
xn--y3h.com ☎.com Black telephone

Startled: Life, Death, and Domains

Sometimes life is HARSH.

I've been surprised to learn when friends and family are gravely-ill. Each of us gets older and closer to life's end.

Here are some non-denominational memorial websites offered For Sale.



A single character; as if Startled, Oval Lips.

Death came. Loved ones Lost to Us: Rest in Peace.
In Loving Memory of John R, HGL & DDL