Best Business Names

Building global business is tough. Don't accept a poor or third-class beginning: your efforts can fail from poor choice of name. Imagine a great healthy seed on a dry asphalt road: a better location is essential -- without nutrition it will never sprout.

It's much easier building reputation with a great name:
  • Quickly Remembered
  • Meaningful
  • Short
Among the many great names we offer for sale are the below bargains:
Fantastic name for a medical equipment or pharmaceutical firm. In Japan, characters for "ki" include equipment , and spirit or energy .
No better name for PR, advertising or media promotion!
Great name for a major electronic banking or fin-tech venture. Also:

Great for anything related to kids!
Single character 子 means child or baby in China & Japan.

STAR power! Boost value & bring unique fame to your brand.
We've many single-character .com names.
Depending on your needs, let us help you.

Fantastic if your strategy is Cutting-prices! ... or for high-end fashion design

Business in India? Over one billion people respect mystical symbol OM
Why Live Where? Places need to attract investment & tourism, and must work to keep top human resources. We've hundreds of major names promoting place appeal & branding.

Each of these powerful names could be great for a corporate project or permanent home, or can easily be configured to catch leads, forwarding elsewhere.

Even when cost of a name seems out of reach for your budget, perhaps you can swap equity, lease-to-buy, or negotiate terms. The great .com name will surely aid in building trust & attracting capital. Even when seemingly very expensive, the excellent domain can soon pay for itself.


Clever marketing hook of Target stores: Appears like a Target, with .com:

The target and .com are only shorthand, a kind of suggestion.
Target does not own such an address. But they could do.

They could own generic symbol ʘ.com
Character name = Latin Letter Bilabial
can also input as

Effective Guerrilla marketing could use this ʘ symbol,
perhaps as a key to unlock sale prices, to gain a password for
special entry to their stores, or to win limited-edition prizes.
(the symbol is somewhat arcane, how to input is unclear, so mystery deepens)

ʘ.com is just now for sale. The website is active.
It looks like an eye / bullseye, so the site markets vision aids.
Who could make better use of the symbol and its website?

ʘ.com  Bausch + Lomb

ʘ.com  Target 

ʘ.com  Minimum offer   US$25,000