Rely on Conglomerates? Bad Consequences

It is vital for businesses to control your own domain and web presence.

Rick Schwartz ( explains it clearly:
"While first contact may be made on social media, follow up contact should be done within the confines of your own website. It is a HUGE business mistake to allow these third parties [Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter] such control of your business and lives.

If you are opening an online business and dependent on Google for your traffic, GOOD LUCK!! Google traffic is a BONUS. Your job is to use all other sources FIRST! If Facebook or Twitter is where you conduct customer service, it's FOOLISH at best! Your #1 job is to transition them off of these platforms and to your website!

These 3rd parties are TOOLS, they are not FOUNDATIONS! The domain name is the ONLY foundation you can control on the Internet."