Franchising your .com

Many smaller businesses building local success have potential to sell their system to entrepreneurs elsewhere. Franchising leverages your experience into much bigger success.

But don't forget the vital importance of marketing!

Your country-code specific domain was perhaps OK in a small market, but for a wider global business, choose .com

This means good top-level cc-tld domains should be supplemented with .com

Plan for the Future!
Don't wait to get the .com additional to cc-tld domains such as .cn (China), .jp (Japan), .au (Australia), .se (Sweden), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), .ch (Switzerland), .kr (Korea), .in (India), etc.

We were contacted by a good business in Australia [Good Luck to them!] with great franchising potential doing business via

They were attracted to our domain, and offered a few hundred dollars. We wanted about a thousand dollars. Would adding bring them more opportunity? Sure!  But we've been unable to do a deal.

We continue to believe can be flagship brand for a global chain of Korean restaurants. Our digital asset (domain) reflects powerful spiciness of a Korean kitchen! Our early position provides advantage to promote a Korean restaurant franchise or to launch our own bistro chain.