Twelve Domains?

Most users don’t understand they can have MANY easily-remembered keyword domains in multiple languages feeding leads into their main site. So not A or B — but A plus B plus C plus D …

Use simple forwarders to expand business footprint & effectiveness.

You are "Bill's Beds" and make the "Heaven Mattress" in Texas
your main site is maybe

But if you can, get keywords (in English & Spanish):

You want names people hear once and remember. They forward to your main page. Allow people to access your online business from many doors and bridges. After you've bought such domains, each costs only about $10 annually - even one lead a year makes diversification worthwhile.

Are You an IP Broker?

My company actively sells domain names. We develop some properties, and often earn rent for advertising.

I could be called a "domainer"

But there are alternate titles, perhaps more precise:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Broker
  • IP Salesman
  • IP Merchant
  • IP Marketer

Dot Com is King

There are key benefits to a .com domain over a cc-TLD (country code top-level domain, such as .uk or .au).

Surnames / corporate names are great examples. "Garcia" is common to many countries. "Hernández" is the most common family name in Mexico, and widespread in Spain, the Philippines, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere. Only one person can own Herná

Many Hernández cousins want this name.
Each domain can also host unlimited great email addresses.

We see bias & preference among many potential customers. Some 300,000 Finns who speak Swedish as their mother tongue (without being Swedish) may dislike using suffix .se 

Millions more non-Swedes who speak Swedish may prefer .com