Investing in Trust

A young new company paid US$825,000 buying premium domain name

They were interviewed about the decision:   (link)

 "Fast forward one year ... each week that passes only further vindicates our decision to commit to the brand name.

We sell an intangible product and at the end of the day, we’re in the trust business. Owning has lent an extra level of legitimacy to the brand and this, in turn, has translated into sales."

Monopoly Bestowed on Verisign is Unjustified

Verisign is the huge provider of technical registry services. The grossly-profitable company has been allowed to manage the lucrative .com domain names (as well as .net, .edu, .gov, etc).

Oddly, there has been no competitive tender to determine which company is given the extremely valuable contract. Is this a recipe for corruption? Why has Verisign been bestowed a no-bid, presumptive right of renewal for their .com operations?

We hope that Verisign's position will be challenged by another operator who can provide equivalent or better services at a substantially lower price. And now Verisign is seeking to raise the annual fee they charge every owner of a .com domain.

There is substantial movement of personnel and informal contact between key private sector firms, Verisign, special-interest groups, and ICANN, the global organization charged with oversight. Each organization needs certain pivotal people, and transfers can easily generate conflicts of interest. Is there sufficient transparency and oversight to avoid fraud, nepotism, bribery and corruption? 

With the Verisign monopoly generating billions of dollars in a no-bid arrangement, it appears collusive, likely unjustified, and perhaps corrupt.

Read more:
Verisign increase of Fees Unjustified   (link)

Rely on Conglomerates? Bad Consequences

It is vital for businesses to control your own domain and web presence.

Rick Schwartz ( explains it clearly:
"While first contact may be made on social media, follow up contact should be done within the confines of your own website. It is a HUGE business mistake to allow these third parties [Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter] such control of your business and lives.

If you are opening an online business and dependent on Google for your traffic, GOOD LUCK!! Google traffic is a BONUS. Your job is to use all other sources FIRST! If Facebook or Twitter is where you conduct customer service, it's FOOLISH at best! Your #1 job is to transition them off of these platforms and to your website!

These 3rd parties are TOOLS, they are not FOUNDATIONS! The domain name is the ONLY foundation you can control on the Internet." = Opportunity

No .com domain exists using the standard single Latin letter o.

There has been talk and conjecture, and Verisign recently floated a strategy to offer for auction to benefit non-profit causes.

Some companies already are trying to do business in that space, hoping a trademark on the still non-existent address might offer some priority. The firm, Inc. seems to have USA protection for various retail goods as well as vehicles, etc. -- claiming protection in many class codes!

Intellectual property & domain lawyer John Berryhill wrote about this process ten years ago (link) - calling this trademark registration process, when the domain is unavailable, as "phony" and deserving of contempt. Firms must be cautious of infringement.

Franchising your .com

Many smaller businesses building local success have potential to sell their system to entrepreneurs elsewhere. Franchising leverages your experience into much bigger success.

But don't forget the vital importance of marketing!

Your country-code specific domain was perhaps OK in a small market, but for a wider global business, choose .com

This means good top-level cc-tld domains should be supplemented with .com

Plan for the Future!
Don't wait to get the .com additional to cc-tld domains such as .cn (China), .jp (Japan), .au (Australia), .se (Sweden), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), .ch (Switzerland), .kr (Korea), .in (India), etc.

We were contacted by a good business in Australia [Good Luck to them!] with great franchising potential doing business via

They were attracted to our domain, and offered a few hundred dollars. We wanted about a thousand dollars. Would adding bring them more opportunity? Sure!  But we've been unable to do a deal.

We continue to believe can be flagship brand for a global chain of Korean restaurants. Our digital asset (domain) reflects powerful spiciness of a Korean kitchen! Our early position provides advantage to promote a Korean restaurant franchise or to launch our own bistro chain.

Place Marketing: Paths to Success

Cities, towns and regions around the world compete for resources, needing to attract tourism and investment. Good places need jobs and skilled people.

Development agencies & tourist boards wanting to make their areas more dynamic must develop competitive strategies, or neighbor regions working smarter & harder will win business, taking away top resources.

A TOP WEBSITE is vital, and competitiveness demands at least a two-prong approach. You must develop a permanent base, while also building themed promotions lasting months or perhaps a few years.

Be intuitive! The permanent base must clearly convey what you do! For destination marketing & place appeal, your organization should operate from the .com at
[ Place ][ brand ] or perhaps [ Brand ][ place ]

These truly should be better developed.  Each (now) available For Sale:


International Domain Names, IDN, now allow the worldwide information access at addresses other than in English.

Great positive change! For many years, only the Romanized "abc" could be used for web addresses.

But as Korea uses .ko and China uses .cn and Japan uses .jp -- why bother to use .com ???

Surely in the case of China, millions of people read Chinese and live elsewhere. Some are not ethnically Chinese.

Use of .com de-emphasizes Chinese-origin. Take away the political dimension of using .cn in times of trade wars or territorial disputes such as over sections of the South China Sea.

Products may be made elsewhere for the Chinese market.  etc etc.

Buy the  .com  if you can!   Make Customers Happy.

Your Best Domain -- BUY NOW

Want a premium domain name?

It's an important decision for business success. Don't become fixated on cost of the domain - You must think instead of costs to not have that name.

Failing to earn $50 per day if you owned the great name:
One year loss = 365 x 50 = $18,250.

Twenty-five year loss = $456,250.  Nearly a half-million dollars!

Don't wait. Bite the bullet &  BUY your best domain NOW

Open Many Doors for More Contacts

Skilled Professional:
Your Web presence should include IDN and otherwise.

Well-designed homes have multiple entrances.
Any easily-recalled word can route visitors to an associated homepage.

Add streams of direct navigation traffic:
Benefit from forwarding / redirect or domain pointing
type-in >> for example, 子.com
Help consumers to find you. Position yourself: The Established Authority: = = =

Here's a simple forwarding page:
(Load as default.htm and change URL and TITLE)


Add great IDN gateways now, before costs soar.

Beautiful may be Best!
Catch human imagination.
Link a great concept to your products & services.
Forward people to your products & services.
More profits from More Access.

Twelve Domains?

Most users don’t understand they can have MANY easily-remembered keyword domains in multiple languages feeding leads into their main site. So not A or B — but A plus B plus C plus D …

Use simple forwarders to expand business footprint & effectiveness.

You are "Bill's Beds" and make the "Heaven Mattress" in Texas
your main site is maybe

But if you can, get keywords (in English & Spanish):

You want names people hear once and remember. They forward to your main page. Allow people to access your online business from many doors and bridges. After you've bought such domains, each costs only about $10 annually - even one lead a year makes diversification worthwhile.

Are You an IP Broker?

My company actively sells domain names. We develop some properties, and often earn rent for advertising.

I could be called a "domainer"

But there are alternate titles, perhaps more precise:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Broker
  • IP Salesman
  • IP Merchant
  • IP Marketer

Dot Com is King

There are key benefits to a .com domain over a cc-TLD (country code top-level domain, such as .uk or .au).

Surnames / corporate names are great examples. "Garcia" is common to many countries. "Hernández" is the most common family name in Mexico, and widespread in Spain, the Philippines, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere. Only one person can own Herná

Many Hernández cousins want this name.
Each domain can also host unlimited great email addresses.

We see bias & preference among many potential customers. Some 300,000 Finns who speak Swedish as their mother tongue (without being Swedish) may dislike using suffix .se 

Millions more non-Swedes who speak Swedish may prefer .com