Internet Treasures

A few thousand written characters are used worldwide. The majority are Chinese, many of these same characters are used in Japanese, and most have become .com domains.

Symbols and emoji also exist, although very few are allowed registration as .com domains.

Only three (3) single-character ASCII domain names are allowed & operational as .com




The above three domains registered long ago were "grandfathered" - each is now worth multi-million dollars, because few single-character names exist. But hundreds of exist in other languages!

Each International Domain Names (IDN) can be both typed on a specialty keyboard (as used in each appropriate nation), or entered using "puncode" - an alternative input method for limited Western-language keyboards. Punycode always begins with these four characters: xn--

Of course, the domain owner decides content on each remarkable site.
They can market businesses or promote individuals.
Some make money advertising.

Single-character .com domain names are highly prestigious. domain names are also fun. Get yours now!