Single-character Chinese .com

Single-character domains are not yet selling publicly for great amounts of money, but in a heartbeat that could change.

Only three ASCII English .com are operating:, and

Other potential single-letter .com are reserved by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) since 1993, and not ever expected to be released. Some symbols such as ✫.com were purchased early and grandfathered to allow continued operation.

Single-character Chinese .com are now hugely undervalued. As China grows and gains confidence, many people will want native-language top domains. If hundreds of thousands of people desire a property, it becomes expensive. We see five years from now, Chinese single-character .com domains trading at US$20,000 to US$1,000,000+ each.






How soon will such great names be owned by Chinese companies?
Someone will wisely purchase the US$640,000 .com portfolio now on sale. A full 520 one character .com domains, mainly Chinese / Japanese single characters. See full list at: