Verisign Sucks?

Emboldened by Vox Populi's .sucks registry success, Verisign now seem ready to embark on the "legalized extortion" path.

Will domain holders be denied the grandfathering Verisign promised for many years? Verisign avoided domain name community complaints about transliteration confusion by promoting exclusive cross-linkages between the assorted versions of .com (or .net). Now they've a contract and suddenly sing a different tune.

Classic bait-and-switch.

They assured us: "the registrant for a second-level domain name in our IDN.IDN, or will have the sole right (subject to applicable rights protection mechanisms), but not be required to register that identical second-level domain in any of the top-level IDNs."

Hopefully Verisign will reconsider. Dissolving the IDN.IDN link to .com (or .net) weakens Verisign's position & suitability as contracted authoritative registry for .com and .net -- making a future switch away from Verisign easier: the .com contract expires end Nov. 2018.