Verisign IDN update

Verisign sometimes refers to their IDN.IDN activities as "aliasing"

Excerpts from their Q1 2015 Earnings Report conference call:
23 April 2015

Jim Bidzos (Chairman, President and CEO):
"One way VeriSign has been participating in ICANN's new gTLD program was by applying for internationalized domain name transliterations of .com and .net. We have signed 11 IDN TLD registry agreements and are seeking a modified sunrise period from ICANN... we have submitted our request for this modified sunrise period and are awaiting the response from ICANN.  The failure to gain approval could delay a general availability date or could result in VeriSign having to revise our go-to-market strategy for the IDNs."

Pat Kane (SVP - Naming and Directory Services):
"The process that we have to go through, it starts off with what is called pre-delegation, which will happen in early May [2015]. And then, there is a controlled interruption phase, which lasts for 90 days which actually has to deal with name collisions and making sure that there is not any unwanted behaviors within the new gTLD space, and then we would launch after that at the earliest. So it really all depends upon, though, getting approval from ICANN on the modified sunrise period and seeing what we can do from there. ...There are no set prices within the new registry agreements for the IDN TLDs."

David Atchley (VP, Treasury and IR):
"We are free to set any initial price that we choose under the new registry agreement, and the only requirement should we choose to change those prices would be a six-month notice period. We have additional flexibility in that we applied for 11 of these IDNs. Most of them are .com. Some of them are .net. All of them are spread across different countries and different local language character sets. And we are free, also, to price differently in those geographies or differently for .com or .net. We have complete flexibility in how we price those products."