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Expanding on the vision of  Domains as Billboards:
I've been surprised by people antagonistic toward domainers (domain developers & salespeople). The folks upset are often misinformed of business reality.

Many have read about someone 'squatting' on a proprietary name, trying to extort a huge sum from a trademark owner. (Why this troubles people is complex - relating more to easy money envy & comeuppance than with true sympathy for behemoth multinationals).

But such frictions are a tiny segment of domaining. Our world has millions of generic words and new-coined names to profitably link customers with information, goods & services. These words and phrases are from all languages -- each now has an internet address you can own, use, rent or sell.

Businesses increasingly use generic domain names as gateway billboards to their commercial services -- also, when purchased, that path is closed to competitors. 

Be the authoritative site for your specialty - buy multiple domains to link your operations with worldwide success.

Get that key real estate now !