Marketers: Wake Up!

I'm deeply amazed at this late date that so many big corporate marketing departments still don't fundamentally understand the power of internet marketing.

I'll use a few of my own domains as examples. All are generic words & .com domains:


= nasal congestion, stuffy nose (Chinese)
1350 million Chinese people live in dusty, dirty, crowded conditions where colds & sinus problems are continuing difficulties. How many million suffer from 鼻塞 at any one time? Perhaps 50 million people? Maybe 100 million? Maybe more!  Many companies sell congestion treatments such as Vicks®, Contac®, Otrivin®, Clarinase®, Nazal®, Afrin®, Bisaitong®, Mentholatum®, Pabron®, etc. Each of these firms should strongly want 鼻塞.com bringing sufferers to them. Basically, each wants  鼻塞 most associated with their product and not linked to one of their competitors. Great key word!  (also for sale: 鼻炎薬.com)


= sleep (Japanese)
Each company selling futon, beds or sleeping pills wants this word linked to them. Nishikawa, Sakuramichi, Maruhachi and other futon sellers are now fiercely competing for market share amongst themselves (西川布団, 櫻道, 丸八, ), but also with Francebed (フランスベッド), Tempur, IKEA, Simmons, dreambed, Hästens, etc. Additionally, companies selling insomnia medication (睡眠薬 such as Nytol®, マイスリー®, etc.) want their name linked to sleep. The hotel industry is also concerned with sleep. Many different industries, many more individual companies. Who'll be the successful one...? This is a powerful word at a cheap price (imagine the cost over ten years). Or imagine when a competitor gets 眠る.com before you buy it - what's the cost then per year? They get an image boost and continually many customers will flow to them instead of going to you.


= online casino (Chinese)
These people earn lots of money. When people imagine an online casino, why not make sure they come to you, at 线娱乐场.com  Better than investing in TV commercials, the website keeps working around the clock, every day, year after year.

 >> more to come...