Colombo Discovers the World

International Domain Names are similar to Christopher Colombus 'discovering' the New World - welcome to narrow anthropocentric vision. IDN are not 'international' any more than English or Romanization - they are words, characters and languages regularly used by billions of people.

Some may say the characters / letters of IDN are coded, and can also be displayed as xn--(etc.). But all internet and computer characters are codes - every domain also has a numeric IP address, and behind that is always a binary string of ones and zeros.

The IDN punycode is rather a workaround aid to people without quick access to direct character input methods. People in the relevant nation simply input native text from their keyboard.

Recognize now that IDN are simply domains. And as using the web gets easier & more vital each day for people worldwide, the Smart investors are buying key domain names today. 

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