Brand Games

As a domain investor, everyday I imagine how generic keywords can promote marketing. I also seek to develop new brands, and work in assorted languages. My main business is place branding: economic geography and destination marketing. I'm a teacher, investor, and participant.

It's a game. It's creative, and it's fun.

It's usually very profitable for clients. Many are slowly awakening to the realities of the "information superhighway" - during your lifetime, an irresistible internet has developed which offers huge riches. Many types of bricks-and-mortar businesses (shops and business locations) are obsolete. Change or die - which really means ADAPT to the new reality.

Perhaps the old corner bank building can be successfully re-purposed, or the empty offices of the travel agent and those other businesses. Maybe it's better to abandon your dying community and go where people are having fun & prospering.

Place Appeal is essential - choose well!