gTLDs? Thank You!

We're now at the start of a huge expansion of internet addresses, with new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) such as .construction, .directory, .zone, .today, and .guru joining the older .com, .net, .gov, .info, etc. domain addresses.

One byproduct is a huge boost in advertising monies for the industry. More people are being exposed to news about domains, and this will attract greater investment in domain names, and ultimately spill-over positively to existing investors. Demand for good .com brand names will rise as sites are upgraded and supplemented. Smaller businesses are beginning to recognize what big firms already learned about keyword & category-killer domains (and what often helped create big firms): a garden-supply company wants (in addition to their local name). 

But the most interesting possibility with new gTLDs is that new attention will generate innovation and systemic developments. The domain name industry needs better mechanisms for buying and selling, more liquidity , easier ways to offer advertising, better systems to increase parking revenues. Surely in adding many thousands of new investors, we'll also attract a few entrepreneurs with great ideas and better domain investor tools.