Selling to China

People in Europe, the USA, Japan and elsewhere are starting to awaken to the fact that China is an economic powerhouse. Not only are incomes per capita rising, but more & more Chinese rich people are shopping the world.

Remember: just 1% of China is about 14,000,000 people.

Remember also that it's not essential to rename your company or to put your online activities wholly in Chinese. You can tap into this key market by providing gateways to the savvy Chinese consumer and opinion leaders, and follow-up later with a bigger presence.

Buy a few IDN domains and link them to your overseas website. A generic name supplements your company name, as and funnels customers to Barnes & Noble booksellers, who also use domains and  Sadly I don't own 书.com or  本.com ("books" in Chinese / Japanese) but I do own such names as 食料.com (food) and 子.com (child).

Many Chinese wine sophisticates and quality restaurants are looking to stock their cellars; some would like to buy whole vineyards. Perhaps they could find your business via or  赤霞珠干红.com (CabernetSauvignon). Now's the time to plan -- enjoy your future with China.