New .com Promise (Verisign)

As described in the previous posting here at abcBrand (link), the infrastructure operator for .com domains: Verisign corporation (NASDAQ: VRSN), has applied to ICANN for an additional nine (9) forms of .com in international scripts

Because .com is the most popular & valuable aggregate of domain property rights, Verisign must be careful about eroding or diluting previously-purchased rights, and could be held liable to rights holders for any breakdown in reliability or value.

The solution proposed by Verisign is partially described here (link):

"A registrant of an or or registrant in one of our new IDN TLDs will have the sole right, subject to applicable rights protection mechanisms, but not be required to register the same second level name across all or any of our IDN TLDS, including .com or .net TLD as applicable."

Verisign continues with two examples (quote):  

Use Case No. 1: Bob Smith already has a registration for an second level domain name. That second level domain name will be unavailable in all of the new .net TLDs except to Bob Smith. Bob Smith may choose not to register that second level domain name in any of the new transliterations of the .net TLDs.

Use Case No. 2: John Doe does not have a registration for an second level domain name. John Doe registers a second level domain name in our Thai transliteration of .com but in no other TLD. That second level domain name will be unavailable in all other transliterations of .com IDN TLDs and in the .com registry unless and until John Doe (and only John Doe) registers it in another .com IDN TLD or in the .com registry. 

Will this proposed system work smoothly? I hope Verisign can appropriately track owners and their rights. Will it be possible later to split & transfer one or more transliterations? In other words, might we see .com held by company A, with the Japanese .コム (.com in Japanese) held by another firm?