Need IDN .com

IDN, or international domain names, are non-Western characters with two alternate addresses. The "international" character(s) with the final tld string (for example, .com)
and also a Punycode string starting  xn--   (plus tld string)

In many cases, first IDN registrations are in non-Western nations, where businesses or individuals register & use country-specific TLD such as
.cn  (China)
.ru  (Russia)
.jp  (Japan)

But this is changing quickly !  
Global businesses use .com
The .com address is primarily attractive to global customers.

Let me explain why:

Characters used in China are used to a large extent also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, etc. (and to a lesser extent in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.) Very few in other nations enjoy using the .cn country code, nor do Chinese people want to type .jp -- but they're OK with .com

Similarly, the Cyrillic script used in Russia and in many Russian domains are often the same characters in assorted other nations:  Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine -- all use the same characters.

Why draw attention to foreignness in your activities? That final country code (cc-tld) is very often an unhappy reminder of historic injuries. Typing the final characters can feel disloyal.

Because of imperial rivalries and historical frictions, customers prefer to use their own nation's country code, or use the "neutral" .com

Any site can then redirect or point to the same content as on a national-focused page. So it's far better to prepare for global business:
Buy your IDN .com