Investment Domains

Last week the two-character domain sold for US$2.4 million to a buyer from China (link). Other huge domain sales include (sold a few months ago for US$4.7 million) and sold for US$8.5 million.

These transactions are not purchasing systems developed on the websites - these domains attracted buyers aiming at redevelopment. In other words, the names are highly-attractive billboard space.

Some 20 years ago, each multi-million dollar name changed hands at below US$50.

Now, as more of our world comes online, the pace of change grows. China is building its muscle, and single-character .com domains are likely to become success stories.

Chinese firms are developing, and tens of millions of people form new venture business (just 1% of China is 13 million people).  Further, the rest of the world wants to sell to China, Japan, and other Asian consumers.

Only a few thousand single-character international domain names exist for .com development. Each of these has elegance and already space in the minds of billions. I can see development where $15,000 investments are worth $500,000 in five years. Very nice valuable nest eggs for retirement...

Here are a few good domain possibilities.
If you're an existing business:  Buy 'em Now !
If you're a new service:  Buy 'em Now !
Now you can Buy into 2 Billion Brains...

蛸.com   Octopus

隣.com   Neighbor

血.com   Blood 

疾.com   Disease

蔥.com   Scallion

岸.com   Beach

請.com   Invitation