Going GONE

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Each year around the world, millions of new businesses are formed. Most seek dynamic domain names, and many now seek more than one name. Generic descriptive names supply authority while channeling added online business. The generic name supplements your company name, as books.com and book.com funnels customers to Barnes & Noble booksellers, who also use domains bn.com and barnesandnoble.com

If you're watching a domain name, buy it.

To win control of a unique resource, you must pay more than anyone else in the world. By definition. Comparative statistics mean little. And there may be only one perfect name for you. Consider cost vs. value over months & many years. Your great domain name is a tireless worker. Your domain is a 24-7 always-smiling staffmember. In my opinion, a decent business hoping for effective online positioning should prepare the cost of a small truck: US$30,000 still now buys a great domain. Own a mobile business asset that can increase in value.  Do not delay.

As a possible buyer window-shopping a unique item, expect no warning. When a name's sold, it leaves the market - perhaps forever. You're suddenly shut out - permanently.