Internet Paradigms

Some people view the internet simply:
"Here is the internet. It's free."

Of course it's much more complex. Individual & institutional developers provided infrastructure and technology to launch something almost miraculous.

How do we picture the internet?  Images of the internet are still developing. Proactively defining what's happening minimizes confusing imagery. Don't quietly suffer from stories clouded by vested interests promoting their own agenda(s).

I see an unruly, largely unknown universe. Within this, a mixture of people & firms & governments have created a network of pathways and addresses. Democratically filling-out parts of a new map, we boldly go where no one has gone before ... 

Some of our mapping and pathfinding is systematic, some far-flung. A broad range of people contribute to keeping systems operational. No single nation or commercial group could construct & maintain the wonderful contents now available to all humankind.

Where there was nothing we are building new addresses, to which resources such as inspiration, money, knowledge, passion, guidance, and directions are introduced. These are true New World territories, unlike so-called past "discoveries" that ethnocentrically ignored peoples & cultures already there.

Frictions exist with alleged prior art. We can be forced to wrestle with questions of legitimate interest or bad faith (link), but forward-looking pathfinders reorient toward new horizons. The legal system gradually defines reality -  Who made the first apple?   Can we brand Jesus?.

We build value & add value, we open pathways in the form of domain addresses and original content. Our timely efforts bring know-how, cutting-edge convenience, joy, survival & life improvement tips to billions of people. We are internet pathmakers, content builders and connection providers.