Facebook vs Freedom

Facebook offers millions of people the opportunity to communicate & share, and it thus makes the world better, more interconnected.

But many people do not recognize they are working under the control of a private firm, whose policies and charges could change at any time. Your photo in Florence (Firenze) with Michalango's statue of David can be blocked as pornographic, your criticism of Dick Cheney may be erased, your private messages to friends might accrue fees or suddenly be deleted. Forcing your online existence through the changing proprietary gateways & templates of AOL, MySpace or Facebook is a sure recipe in frustration. These companies exist to make money - ultimately you pay for their services.  Use them where convenient; don't fully rely on them.

What this means is that most technically savvy people should own one or more domain names. Use the convenient services such as Facebook, but also build your own free space where you can post your thoughts, art and history.