Success Window

Don't lock your business (& future) into failure with a 2nd or 3rd quality domain name. Get the best or rename.

Don't delay. The badly chosen domain name generates regret each day. Own the best possible domain & you'll never regret it.

With a weak domain, you may be generating needs & leads for a more clever business. To continuously leak traffic to the category killer domain name is non-sustainable. It's a disaster. You financially contribute to your competitor's success. 

The internet is a great tool for marketing and sales, still hugely expanding and becoming ever more important. For the first time in history, many businesses can easily & cheaply reach out to people around the world, selling products and services and ideas anywhere, 24/7, and at much lower startup costs than ever before.

Large & well-situated retail locations are less necessary. But a new basic cost is the correct domain name.

Don't build on a poor name; there's no substitute for the best name possible.

Don't build on a .net or .org -- and don't rely on a country code such as .cn or .uk -- these are shortsighted local names, with in-built defeat.  Buy the .com or rename.

Those using lesser names give traffic to the .com -- the .com may be a competitor or might sell important business leads to your competition. If you set up shop in a basement backroom (with a .co or .biz for example) under your .com competition, most customers never bother to visit you.

A short, descriptive .com name is a vital business tool and increasingly the best path for eventual success.

Get a great .com main name. Then build traffic with additional keyword-rich domains forwarding visitors to your main website.