More Place Branding

Below see more top efforts with place appeal:
(link is here for part one)

-- great colors, but not a very attractive site. 
"To promote & defend Spanish brands" -- why not use real  people?
Lease or buy better names; link them to this site:
for example, BrandEspaƱ or

-- only insiders will discover this boring site.

Site title suggests bureaucracy and is unappealing, proclaiming: 
"Hi Seoul Brand is a name jointly used by the excellent companies 
officially approved by the Seoul Metropolitan Government"   

Lease, purchase and develop multiple sites to market Seoul & Korea. is a shorter, much better name. Get that name!
Seoul's in competition with hundreds of dynamic cities.  Wake Up !

-- juxtaposes Australia's state of Victoria & the city of Melbourne
Visitors are sure to be confused (the website is muddled)
Livability is extremely important, but this dark illustration is feeble...
Is there any visual identity to Brand Victoria? 
"Melbourne, Victoria, Australia" lacks imagination.
Playfulness can help: perhaps  or  

-- Haiti is a tough sell. The site must offer more.
Get (buy or lease) to also feed into this site.

-- an effort to market Glendale, California that solicits participation.
Not much action on this site for nearly three years. Sleepy & tired?
The Glendale Community Survey was gathering information, 
but now lists as "closed" with no results posted. Bureaucratic arrogance?
It seems the City of Glendale Economic Development Division made a single payment to
North Star Destination Strategies for this brand plan & website, but there's been no 
follow-up or maintenance...  it all seems rather sad and pitiful.