Supplemental Descriptive Domains

Many businesses are recognizing a key strength of the www is ability to link & mutually reinforce their primary company name brand with supplemental brands or additional-level entryways to operations.

These are called "descriptive domain names" or "generic domains" or category-defining domains. Here are some great examples (link).

Some of the corporations may seem unfamiliar, but operating under such key descriptors they'll likely soon be better known. Many of these firms own dozens, even hundreds of such category-defining descriptive domains. is far more effective than Puritan's Pride (, but both operate in tandem. You can be quite sure they'll never give up an additional descriptor to their competitors. Once purchased (for somewhere between $1000 to $10,000,000), it costs only $10 per year!

Firms in Britain are often happy enough to build on the extension (link), but .com is much more valuable & recommended!

If we imagine the main website for a Swedish biomedical firm, for example:

can be enhanced by additional domains, some of which redirect to the main website, others that contain different information. These descriptive supplemental domains build and better-define the top brand.

Using the example above, supplementary domains could be:

A real estate agent such as
Click Realty

can buttress their position, depending on office location & focus, by adding domains such as:

Buying such supplemental or generic domains quickly pay net dividends, if just one or two referrals each month are attracted to a business. They work worldwide 24-hours every day for years! And if you own it, your competition forever loses a big chance.

Remember, the supplemental domain can simply point / redirect to the main website, or work in parallel. Each format adds important support to your business & sales.Best you own it -- don't leave it for your competitors to fuel their operations.