Joint Marketing: Exceptional Brand Platforms

A product need not limit its branding to one name or a single byline. Successful firms often use secondary or tertiary labels to add value and confidence: natural or organic are common labels, as are local manufacturing marks.

Strong generic marks help build confidence in a set of products. A suite of otherwise unrelated products can use Massachusetts Brand or Russia Brand when originating in those areas. This improves local economies and ties-together products and communities which share local character.

Joint marketing attracts tourists, new buyers and more interest.

Build the joint brand.  Build a strong marketing website. Enjoy profits & success.

These domain names can be usefully developed by state marketing organizations or regional development authorities, or new consortia of private interests. (Each name is for sale):

More Access More Profit

Business owners who understand internet marketing profit more.

Customers increasingly browse to websites for information. Will they find your site? Make a great impression, and build confidence in your business.

Few business owners understand a website can have multiple 'doors' -- owning a single domain name cripples business chances.

Most businesses have a domain name equaling the name of their business. But it's easy & cheap to own keyword domains in parallel, which point to your site. The website can open under any / either names you own (redirecting a typed-in name to your 'original' name is simple and invisible). You profit. Stake-out key phrases, market assorted access routes, enjoy more & better business.

For example, if I owned Tacoland, a Mexican restaurant in Stockholm, I'd first try to register:
Great if I could get it. (If not I'd choose a better name)

But don't stop there. Try to buy these domains also (and reconcile to the same website):

One reason to buy is defensive. Don't leave key phrases & shortcuts for competitors.

 -- Become King of Your Theme.

Names each cost $10/year after initial purchase.