King of Brands?

Trademarks in parallel classes can be issued in the same geographical area. Dove chocolate and Dove soap are each registered trademarks. each held by different companies. Another example is Apple Corps. Ltd., (begun by The Beatles in January 1968), who later struggled over trademarks with Apple Computer (established April 1976). Of course, the words dove and apple have generic histories & longstanding common usage. Registered trademarks should not be "substantially identical or deceptively similar" to another.

According to WIPO's Nice Classification, there are 45 different explicitly defined classes of goods & services.

Trademark protection is only for one or more designated classes, and only protected in designated nation(s). In neighboring nations, parallel brands might be developed within the same class.

There could be hundreds, even thousands, of legitimate "Dove" products or services. Here's a great posting that discusses such "brand twins" (link). Many firms do business under essentially the same name, but in different fields. Here's a mix of firms named Delta:

Generally, it's important to avoid confusion! Choose a distinctive & unique name to develop as your brand.

Domain names are unique. But there are multiple top level domains (TLD, .net, .org, etc.) and many more country code top-level domain (ccTLD = .uk, .co, .se, .ca, etc.). The king of domain names is the .com domain.

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Wine & Drink

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Most of these names have been used as geographic place names, family surnames, or generic labels for many centuries. A few have since been incorporated or registered as trademarks, and protected in certain markets for specific uses. Grouping these generic terms together as "wine & drink" does not represent they can be used everywhere throughout the world as such, or anywhere. Purchasers must conduct due diligence to affirm non-infringement for their desired use(s). Nonetheless, we assert that each name has some substantial range for potential usage: as a place for product reviews, as an internet home for a different type of product or service, as a focus spot for residential or tourist information, etc... Buy 'em now or lose your chance.

Nordic Adventure

The Nordic region, the Baltic and Northern Europe are among this earth's most beautiful places, with long history & traditions, colorful cities & countryside, friendly people. These are dynamic lands, business-friendly and still full of opportunities. Here are some chances to develop key local brands.

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