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Some are predicting the world will soon end, and blaming it on Mayan prophesy. Others say the Maya scare is balderdash. Would it be better to buy more insurance? Or how about buying domain names:

A new future ahead?
The end of days?
Maybe we'll all die?
Be the butt of jokes...


The perfect domain name...

"There is only one piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly. I mean you can make lots of things fit, but only one fits perfectly.  ... When we are in marketing – that is everything. That perfect piece of the puzzle."

  --   Rick Schwartz, the "Domain King"

Local Brands

City brand
State brand
Local brand
Nation brand

These platforms are now critically important in our globally competitive world !

Think of where you live & work. Every day you're investing in that place. You and those around you rely on each other's energies to keep your locale dynamic, operational and successful. Much of the "net worth" of most people is locked into real estate. If your community starts to fade & fail, the value of your property drops. Your personal history is besmirched, darkened by failure.

This is the reality of global open markets. Some places fail.
All places need good people. All places need investment. All places need ways to somehow attract & keep talent. Perhaps your place appeal is via tourism, or a special product, or great lifestyle. Protect it or you'll lose it all. Other places are hungry - investing in success. Mobility opportunities lead to winner & loser locations very quickly.

Work together to make a winning environment for life & leisure. Build your local brand platform.

(To say frankly, this is a failure of vision by many Americans. We need to work together to generate success. Simply good workers, with a few elites skimming private flim-flams, can't create dynamic communities).

Both public & private sector cooperation is essential.
Fighting Finns, for example, could create a web platform & meet together at:

or even:

Supplemental Descriptive Domains

Many businesses are recognizing a key strength of the www is ability to link & mutually reinforce their primary company name brand with supplemental brands or additional-level entryways to operations.

These are called "descriptive domain names" or "generic domains" or category-defining domains. Here are some great examples (link).

Some of the corporations may seem unfamiliar, but operating under such key descriptors they'll likely soon be better known. Many of these firms own dozens, even hundreds of such category-defining descriptive domains. is far more effective than Puritan's Pride (, but both operate in tandem. You can be quite sure they'll never give up an additional descriptor to their competitors. Once purchased (for somewhere between $1000 to $10,000,000), it costs only $10 per year!

Firms in Britain are often happy enough to build on the extension (link), but .com is much more valuable & recommended!

If we imagine the main website for a Swedish biomedical firm, for example:

can be enhanced by additional domains, some of which redirect to the main website, others that contain different information. These descriptive supplemental domains build and better-define the top brand.

Using the example above, supplementary domains could be:

A real estate agent such as
Click Realty

can buttress their position, depending on office location & focus, by adding domains such as:

Buying such supplemental or generic domains quickly pay net dividends, if just one or two referrals each month are attracted to a business. They work worldwide 24-hours every day for years! And if you own it, your competition forever loses a big chance.

Remember, the supplemental domain can simply point / redirect to the main website, or work in parallel. Each format adds important support to your business & sales.Best you own it -- don't leave it for your competitors to fuel their operations.

Summer Sale !!

Here are some domains & prices (each $9500) good through end August. 
From Sept. 2012 they'll each be US$15,000 or more:

each $9500


UDRP Needs Reform

Domain investors can be easily victimized by the UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) as composed & implemented by ICANN, the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) seeks to arbitrate & mediate the problems of domain name and trademark disputes, but the system is still deeply flawed. Frivolous efforts to steal domain properties are expensive to defend, with respondents bearing substantial costs even if completely "winning" (achieving a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking).

Those who've made big profits from domain speculation could better assist the industry's defense. Successful responses to UDRP Panels can be referenced and utilized helpfully by others being attacked,  but there are still substantial legal convolutions that trouble non-specialists.

It would be reasonable to require those initiating a dispute to deposit a bond of $2000 to $5000, which is claimed by respondent in findings of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.

Joint Marketing: Exceptional Brand Platforms

A product need not limit its branding to one name or a single byline. Successful firms often use secondary or tertiary labels to add value and confidence: natural or organic are common labels, as are local manufacturing marks.

Strong generic marks help build confidence in a set of products. A suite of otherwise unrelated products can use Massachusetts Brand or Russia Brand when originating in those areas. This improves local economies and ties-together products and communities which share local character.

Joint marketing attracts tourists, new buyers and more interest.

Build the joint brand.  Build a strong marketing website. Enjoy profits & success.

These domain names can be usefully developed by state marketing organizations or regional development authorities, or new consortia of private interests. (Each name is for sale):

More Access More Profit

Business owners who understand internet marketing profit more.

Customers increasingly browse to websites for information. Will they find your site? Make a great impression, and build confidence in your business.

Few business owners understand a website can have multiple 'doors' -- owning a single domain name cripples business chances.

Most businesses have a domain name equaling the name of their business. But it's easy & cheap to own keyword domains in parallel, which point to your site. The website can open under any / either names you own (redirecting a typed-in name to your 'original' name is simple and invisible). You profit. Stake-out key phrases, market assorted access routes, enjoy more & better business.

For example, if I owned Tacoland, a Mexican restaurant in Stockholm, I'd first try to register:
Great if I could get it. (If not I'd choose a better name)

But don't stop there. Try to buy these domains also (and reconcile to the same website):

One reason to buy is defensive. Don't leave key phrases & shortcuts for competitors.

 -- Become King of Your Theme.

Names each cost $10/year after initial purchase.

Strongest Brands

These are a few of my most valuable domain names. Each is a winner. Some are for sale or lease:  (sold)

King of Brands?

Trademarks in parallel classes can be issued in the same geographical area. Dove chocolate and Dove soap are each registered trademarks. each held by different companies. Another example is Apple Corps. Ltd., (begun by The Beatles in January 1968), who later struggled over trademarks with Apple Computer (established April 1976). Of course, the words dove and apple have generic histories & longstanding common usage. Registered trademarks should not be "substantially identical or deceptively similar" to another.

According to WIPO's Nice Classification, there are 45 different explicitly defined classes of goods & services.

Trademark protection is only for one or more designated classes, and only protected in designated nation(s). In neighboring nations, parallel brands might be developed within the same class.

There could be hundreds, even thousands, of legitimate "Dove" products or services. Here's a great posting that discusses such "brand twins" (link). Many firms do business under essentially the same name, but in different fields. Here's a mix of firms named Delta:

Generally, it's important to avoid confusion! Choose a distinctive & unique name to develop as your brand.

Domain names are unique. But there are multiple top level domains (TLD, .net, .org, etc.) and many more country code top-level domain (ccTLD = .uk, .co, .se, .ca, etc.). The king of domain names is the .com domain.

Build category killer advantages by investing in your own great .com domain. There Can Be Only One !

Wine & Drink

Great names to buy:


Most of these names have been used as geographic place names, family surnames, or generic labels for many centuries. A few have since been incorporated or registered as trademarks, and protected in certain markets for specific uses. Grouping these generic terms together as "wine & drink" does not represent they can be used everywhere throughout the world as such, or anywhere. Purchasers must conduct due diligence to affirm non-infringement for their desired use(s). Nonetheless, we assert that each name has some substantial range for potential usage: as a place for product reviews, as an internet home for a different type of product or service, as a focus spot for residential or tourist information, etc... Buy 'em now or lose your chance.

Nordic Adventure

The Nordic region, the Baltic and Northern Europe are among this earth's most beautiful places, with long history & traditions, colorful cities & countryside, friendly people. These are dynamic lands, business-friendly and still full of opportunities. Here are some chances to develop key local brands.

Each of the above is for sale at US$15,000
 (prices may increase after 1 May 2012)

Brand Value

Online information flow is increasingly important. Organizations & individuals find their base & develop key brands.

The following domain name transactions show BRAND power very clearly. Look at these actual domain name sales, reported by   $65,000   $50,000   $20,000   $20,000   $15,000   $14,000   $13,949   $11,827   $11,500   $10,500   $10,164   $10,000   $10,000   $10,000   $10,000   $8000   $7500   $6000

Buy a brand for yourself or your business. Easily-remembered words, phrases & ideas are best. For less than the price of a used car you've a base reaching all corners of the world.

Now available $15,000 each: